Friday, February 02, 2007

Meltyblend - Strawberry variety

I'm so happy that Adina got her Meltyblend so that I can post a picture of one of my favorite Japanese candies without giving away the surprise!!! Only available during the winter months, Meltyblend are basically little square truffles. They are typically really hard to come by here in America. It just so happens that our local Korean market had some this year. When I found them, Andrew and I were so excited!! We bought quite a few boxes... hehe... This is a picture of the strawberry variety of Meltyblend. While tasty, I still think that cacao variety is my favorite. The strawberry ones look cooler in photos, though. :-)

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Adina said...

Mmm, strawberry. Your food always looks so tasty. You should be a food photographer for Gourmet magazine or something.