Saturday, February 03, 2007

Drinking Chocolate

Today, Andrew, his family and I went into Philadelphia for Andrew and his dad to get fitted for tuxes. After the fitting and little bit of shopping at one of my favorite stores, Ten Thousand Villages, we went to this great new place called the Naked Chocolate Cafe. It was so wonderful. They have many different kinds of chocolates and pastries that were very chocolaty and tasty. I had a chocolate cupcake with chocolate icing. It was very good. The best part, though, was the drinking chocolate that they have, called tasting chocolate. It comes in four varieties. The one I got was called 'Spicy'. It had several spices including cumin and a little bit of kick, probably from cayenne. It was so thick that it was like eating some melted chocolate!! You have to eat it with the tiny spoon that they give you because it is almost impossible to actually drink it. So, so, so good!!!! Next time that we go, I want to try some of their chocolate candies and the 'Aztec' tasting chocolate...

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