Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Indian Food*

I spent most of my day cooking, doing laundry, cleaning the guinea pig cage and shoveling... What fun?! Well actually, the cooking was kind of fun. I made three dishes from my vegetarian Indian cookbook. I made the cauliflower dish (pictured earlier) again but this time with double the spices but too much salt. I also made a split moong dal soup that was quite tasty and, because of the spices, Andrew thinks smells like sausage. Lastly, I made the dish pictured above. It is stew type dish that has chickpeas, eggplant, spinach and tomatoes. Absolutely delicious!! I can't wait to make some more of the recipes from the book!!

*This is my post for Sunday, March 18, 2007. This post is late. Get used to it...

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Adina said...

Sounds delicious. There is really a shortage of decent Indian food in Nashville. When we come and visit you and Andrew, you should make us some Indian food.